Come enjoy a Power Weekend in The Secret World!

On the menu: extra Black Bullions, extra Marks of Venice, extra AEGIS, and membership months for recruiting new players!

More informations in Funcom's announcement.

And remember, don't hesitate to post on the TSW part of our forums if you're looking for buddies to tackle the various challenges offered to you ;)

TSW Issue 10 is Live!

Balderk a posted Dec 5, 14
Look, a new Issue! And, Lo and Behold, it seems full with revelations about the main plotlines. I even heard about an all new Nightmare area full of challenging monsters…

Wanna know more and read the Issue comics? Check out the marketing blurb from Funcom: Issue #10: Nightmares in the Dream Palace is here!

Come and discuss the new issue with us on the dedicated public thread: Issue 10 discussion

See you all in The Secret World!

Hi all, i'd like to invite everyone to play Pretend You're Xyzzy next friday, (5th December as of this posting) this is NOT limited to branches and i would feel would give us a great chance to know eachother. The room and password will be made as of the event time but a link to the game will be provided below. As of that point i would like this to begin at 8pm(GMT-0) and depending on numbers could even turn into a form of drinking game.... YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED! Remember to buy drink if you are interested and of legal age. Hope you all have a good weekend,


Pretend You're Xyzzy; http://pyx-1.socialgamer.net/game.jsp
GastrorGasm Id buy drink n stuff but you HAD to plan it on a massive dutch traditional holliday huh? xD

That's right! Warface branch soon to be here for Rezistance! SHOW US YOUR WARFACE SOLDIER! More details soon to follow!

Interested?!? Leave a comment OR A WARFACE if you are so we know the numbers! 

I Expect to see your warfaces, maggots!


Koriad Smith a Japanese style Warface motha focka! ...

Yesterday after a long talk about apples and flashlights, we decided to inform you that, I cannot eat apples and Koriad definitly needs a flashlight.

So now to the more important stuff.

We decided that we also want to support cross platform gaming, and other kind of stuff, which means we will try a pilot project out. To be exact, we will establish an The Crew club on PS4 and will recruit therefor, Officer in charge of this section will be Xaando.

If anyone else wants to check out some PS4 or XB1 games and wants to establish an clan in it and wants to use our name for the clan please come forward we will definitly help you and support you in this case.

Carry on my wayward clan....

...now some eyes on the future!

We decided that the following games are in our interest to branch out.

  1. Black Desert
  2. ArcheAge
  3. The Division
  4. The Crew (PS4/PC)
  5. StarForge
  6. Life is Feudal (MMO)
  7. Blade & Soul
  8. Overwatch
  9. Heroes of the Storm
  10. Archelord II
The where also rumors about an World of Warcraft branch.. but *ssssshhh* dont tell anyone yet!

And last but not least!

We are looking for an dedicated new graphical designer, who carries experience in Photoshop and has the eye for it!
If you have what it takes please message Daisuke or Jay.

That will be all for now.

Ah and before i forget, a master piece of art by our frenchman BalderK

(I hope you enjoy this picture as much as Koriad does in RL)
Koriad Smith a And also the fact that it mentions kori needs one IRL... I dont need one IRL thats why ive got all of your mothers. BOOO ...
GastrorGasm Where do i sign up for diffirent branches? I bought StarForge back in alpha but never got to play it.
Balderk a May I add, I made this after other officers talked about doing one and it wasn't my idea? It's definitively NSFW though ...
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