After a long effort we officially start our recruitment in Elder Scrolls Online!

Our guild in Elder Scrolls is not called REZISTANCE due RP reasons, so do not worry about the name!

What can we offer, and what is our allignment?

  • Trading
  • Role-Playing
  • RvR & PvP
  • PvE & Raids
  • FUN

We want to cover all of our aspects within this game, since this game provides loads of opportunities!
If anything of the mentioned aspects is something you would like to do in this game leave us an application in the recruitment section!

- Speak and type decent, proper English.
- Working mic and able to use voice comms at all time.
- Be social.

What are you waiting for join us now!

After a lot of effort and preparation, the "The Secret World" branch of REZISTANCE managed to finish the New York Raid in less than 5 minutes and win the hardest group achievement of the game!

The performance has been recorded for posterity, enjoy everyone!

Involved players were Balderk, Bizarre, Fajeth, Hazi, Katarzina, Lysander, Mafti, Megan, Trustman, and the awesome help of AFKMIA (from the Order of the Crimson Cross).

As a bonus, enjoy this video of the cabal doing the New York Raid with only 7.05 men. What started with eight people promptly turned into a seven people challenge. Indeed, highly confused by the presence of Mankinis, Megan died early to the infamous Lurker fist. 
Rolling up their sleeves, the cabal members accepted the challenge and defeated the monster, with the invaluable moral support of the one that fell in combat.

Enjoy the performance, and the Mankinis!

Balderk a Ten months without a The Secret World news, it was about time Anyway, awesome job guys, we're so gonna own that Tokyo ...

As we have mentioned some days ago, REZISTANCE is pretty hyped about expanding into a certain game, Tom Clancy's "The Division" - as some might have guessed already!

Why do we expand into such a game?
First of all the vast opportunities which will be provided in this game.

  • PvP
  • MMO feeling
  • Open World
  • Missions
  • Gameplay
  • and many other things
Why the hell should you consider us as your clan in this certain game?`

Well that is kinda easy to say, our Community got big with APB from RTW, when it comes down to PvP in a team fight (4vs4) we know exactly what to do and achieve..

We have experience and expertise in this kind of gaming enviroment.

So what are you waiting for JOIN US! and be part of the best clan joining The Division.

Ah yeah and here is something I have promised, the HIGH RES will be provided later on aswell, enjoy!

Teaser of a new branch!

Daisuke a posted Mar 19, 14

Analysing the game industry is hard, finding a game which many players would play is also hard, but the worst thing is to look in which game a community could expand.
Taking many things into consideration like

  • Possible playerbase
  • Gameplay and mechanics
  • Innovation
  • And ofcourse the most important element "FUN"

In a long term all of these elements need to be fullfilled so that a community can establish a game which will be played in a long run.

Thats why today we give you a little teaser of our new branch we want to establish in the future.
Prepare yourselves for a real fight!

Xaando Well well well I am soooo hyped for this game so I cant even begin to describe... So take a guess fo you think I am gonn ...
Katarzina This is Tom Glancy's "The Division", really looking forward to it. Not a big fan of 3th persons shooters, mos ...
JaY a I plan on also playing this because the whole aspect of free roam, deserted city with AI and players AND missions throug ...

Dear members and visitors!

The Smite branch of Rezistance is holding a public event for all Smite players!
The event is a drinking game, and the rules are as following:

- We will make a few custom Smite games (depending on how many people are participating)
- The gametype will be decided at the day and time of the event.
- The amount of kills you get in the games are "gifts" for someone free of choice.
  The gift will be sips of a drink free of choice.
- The amount of deaths you get in the game, are the amount of sips you need to drink yourself.
- The amount of assists you get in the game, will be stacked till the game finishes, and for 
  every 5 assists you get, you can choose to give away to someone else, just like a kill. 
  However, you cannot give kills and assists to the same person.
- We will make a Tinychat room, which all are free to join, we want to see everyone's reactions!
- While on Tinychat, Teamspeak (ts3.rezistancegaming.com)will be used as our way of communication.
  One of the Smite channels will be used. 

The Event will take place on the 22th of March (Saturday) at 19:00 GMT+1.
As mentioned, the drinks are free of choice, but don't get yourself a glass of water, heh.
However, if you're a horrible feeder, don't bring 5 bottles of Tequila. 

If this interests you, please leave your name here, and I will put you on the list of participants!
This list can be found at the forums, in the Smite public section.

I hope this will become a nice evening as a get-together for all Rezistance members 
who wants to join, but new faces are of course welcome aswell!

Much love,
(Secretly using Jido's account)

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