The Smite Drinking Games!

Pain701 a posted Feb 16, 15

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And so.... On this special occasion i am re-announcing our Smite Drinking Games, commencing on Friday the 20th of February. This will also be open to the public, so everyone feel free to join, Rez member or no!
The rules are as follows
1 Kill --> Nominate one person to drink a fingers worth of drink
5 Assists --> Nominate one person to drink two fingers worth of drink
1 Death --> Drink one fingers worth of drink.
Kills and deaths must be drunk whilst playing, while assists will be done at the end game title screen.
As it suggests here these games are most likely worth doing with some kind of spirits rather than beers or ciders, but its all your choice! The games will start at 5pm GMT-0 and onwards
See you then,

Kzadbhat I will be at a LARP which makes me sad face. The LARP doesn't make me sad face but the fact that I will miss this makes ...

The Valentine's Day event has arrived in The Secret World, and will stay around for two weeks.

As usual for this event, no new mission, but a metric ton of goodies to buy from ingame vendors and from the item shop.

Come discuss this event with us in our dedicated thread: Valentine's Day Event

Funcom's marketing picture for Valentine's Day event

Come enjoy a Power Weekend in The Secret World!

On the menu: extra Black Bullions, extra Marks of Venice, extra AEGIS, and membership months for recruiting new players!

More informations in Funcom's announcement.

And remember, don't hesitate to post on the TSW part of our forums if you're looking for buddies to tackle the various challenges offered to you ;)

TSW Issue 10 is Live!

Balderk a posted Dec 5, 14
Look, a new Issue! And, Lo and Behold, it seems full with revelations about the main plotlines. I even heard about an all new Nightmare area full of challenging monsters…

Wanna know more and read the Issue comics? Check out the marketing blurb from Funcom: Issue #10: Nightmares in the Dream Palace is here!

Come and discuss the new issue with us on the dedicated public thread: Issue 10 discussion

See you all in The Secret World!

Hi all, i'd like to invite everyone to play Pretend You're Xyzzy next friday, (5th December as of this posting) this is NOT limited to branches and i would feel would give us a great chance to know eachother. The room and password will be made as of the event time but a link to the game will be provided below. As of that point i would like this to begin at 8pm(GMT-0) and depending on numbers could even turn into a form of drinking game.... YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED! Remember to buy drink if you are interested and of legal age. Hope you all have a good weekend,


Pretend You're Xyzzy; http://pyx-1.socialgamer.net/game.jsp
GastrorGasm Id buy drink n stuff but you HAD to plan it on a massive dutch traditional holliday huh? xD
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